Reward points

Our rewards program only requires you to register prior to purchase. Once you logon, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Instant bonus payout - instead of forcing you to wait days between orders, you can spend your bonus points right after we finish packing your order!
  • 2 per every 100 spent -  you will receive 1 point for every Euro you spent in RCParts.eu. Every point costs us €0.02 once you use it. For example - if you pay €100 for your first order, you will get a €2 discount from your next order.
  • Loyal customer bonus - if you have orders with total cost over 500, you can qualify for our "Loyal customer" level, gaining increase in number of points you receive for every order.

Note: Bonus points are given only for cost in Euro - if you use points to lower the order total, it will lower your reward a bit!



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New products

Fastrax Parts Box 275x180mm 18 Sections - FAST676-C Fastrax Parts Box 275x180mm 18 Sections - ...

7.15 (Including tax)

Fastrax Quick Start Nitro Set - FAST691E Fastrax Quick Start Nitro Set - FAST691E

19.90 (Including tax)

FTX FTX6206 - Carnage/Vantage/Outlaw Front Shock Shaft & Piston Set FTX FTX6206 - Carnage/Vantage/Outlaw Front...

2.39 (Including tax)

FTX FTX6224 - Vantage/Carnage/Outlaw Wheel Hub - 4 Pcs FTX FTX6224 - Vantage/Carnage/Outlaw Wheel...

2.03 (Including tax)

FTX FTX6228 - Vantage/Carnage/Outlaw Diff Case - 2 Pcs FTX FTX6228 - Vantage/Carnage/Outlaw Diff ...

2.39 (Including tax)

FTX FTX6233 - Vantage/Carnage/Outlaw Diff Pins - 2 Pcs FTX FTX6233 - Vantage/Carnage/Outlaw Diff ...

2.39 (Including tax)