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Picco P3TT Off Road .21 Engine With Ceramic Aluminum Carburettor - PIC9690

Picco P3TT Off Road .21 Engine With Ceramic Aluminum Carburettor - PIC9690


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Picco are proud to introduce the latest addition to their racing engine line-up, the Picco P3TT buggy 3,5cc.

  • Newly designed to improve throttle response and fuel efficiency, this version features a 3+2port cylinder.
  • Characterised by a long stroke layout to deliver better power throughout the entire RPM range, it also sports an all new die-casted aluminum double bottom-end adjustment carburettor for finer tuning and a better passage.
  • Fitted with a Swiss rear ceramic ball bearing, the crankshaft is balanced and filled with a silicone insert.
  • The rear back plate, now die-casted, has been also re-designed to offer better flow.
  • The P3TT 3,5cc engine is delivered with a 7,5mm venturi and our P5TH glow-plug.


  • 3+2 port hard chromed liner
  • Piston CNC machined from billet
  • 14mm balanced shaft with silicone insert
  • Knife edged lightweight aerodynamic con-rod
  • Low CG cooling head
  • 14mm ceramic Swiss-made main bearing
  • Die-casted 3-needle slide carburettor
  • Displacement: 3,49cc
  • Bore: 16,03mm
  • Stroke: 17,30mm
  • Output: 2,70hp @ 34,000rpm