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Parma PA40200 - Faskoat 60ml

Parma PA40200 - Faskoat 60ml

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Parma PA40200 - Faskoat 60ml.

FASKOLOR is a water-based, non-toxic paint that is specially formulated for clear polycarbonate surfaces and much more! But is also works great with wood, plastic, styropur and other materials. Based on this they are perfect for the use in any RC model section, doesn`t matter if flight, car or boat. It was developed for clear RC and Slot Car Bodies and becomes part of the body when brushed or sprayed on. The paint remains flexible and resists cracking, chipping and most impact damage.

Because it is water-based, it cleans up easily and it can be used for any modeling or hobby project. can be top coated with clear enamel or urethane if a gloss is desired. It is compatible with styrofoam and most surfaces.

FASKOAT offer three different kind of use:

  1. It is mixed with FASGLITTER for a sparkling metallic finish. Add 1 vial of FASGLITTER to 1 bottle of FASKOAT (or 1/4 to 1/4 combination, etc.). When painting a clear body from the inside - spray your glitter mixture to evenly cover the surface until you get the metallic look you like. Back it with color of your choice.
  2. FASKOAT can also be used to seal FASKOLOR paint from water or nitro fuel for clear bodies - just spray on as your last coat(s). It is thick and can be brushed on just as easily. If you spray it, run water through your airbrush to keep it from drying and hardening inside.
  3. FASKOAT is an excellent medium for gluing magazine pictures, photos, etc. to the inside of a clear body for body. Just cut out your image, brush FASKOAT to the front (thick coverage is best), position where you want on body and lightly wipe of overage. Let tack up for 5-10 minutes and you are ready to cover with color. This process leaves an almost seamless finish depending on your colors. It is flexible, water based and non-toxic.

The color is ready to brush and just need to be shaked. May you use FASKOAT after to protect the Body even better against Nitro fuel, gasoline or water.


  • Water-based
  • non-toxic
  • perfect hold on polycarbonate
  • stay flexible
  • ready to use

Content: 60ml