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RC Car Colours - Blue 216 150 ml. Spray Paint

КОД: 216

Цена: 5.79

(с ДДС)
На склад
290 т.

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Ready to use, quick drying, fuel resitant light weight paint for racing, If wished for up-to 15 gr less weight on a 1/10 scale race body, compard to pre-painted or water based coloured bodies (lower cenre of gravity). RC Car Colours have been specially developed for the painting of Polycarbonate bodies. The special solvent used etches the surface, allowing the paint to bond permanently with the polycarbonate. Before you begin remove any dirt particles from the surface to be painted.

For best results:

  •     Before use, shake the can vigorously for approx. 2 min. until you hear the mixing ball rattling.
  •     Spray at a distance of approx. 20 to 30 cm. While spraying make even cross movements with the can.
  •     The covering capacity of RC Car Colours varies slightly from one colour to the next. Always spray one very light coat at a time to avoid bleeding. The final result is obtained after 2 to 3 coats. Wait approx. 5 min. before applying the next coat. Never spray just one heavy coat!
  •     Allow the paint to dry for 5 minutes before removing the masking film and applying the next coat.
  •     After use, turn the can upside down and spray for 2 sec. until the nozzle is empty.

All spray paints and other aerosols can be delivered only using ground transportation by a courier GLS/DPD, so make sure you choose the right delivery type when ordering. We can deliver these only in Europe!