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4000kV Robitronic Razer Ten Brushless Motor 3652 - R01232

КОД: R01232

Цена: 29.90

(с ДДС)
На склад
1495 т.

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4000kV Robitronic Razer Ten Brushless Motor 3652 - R01232


  • 4-pole rotor design for high torque and quick response
  • CNC machined, high-strength aluminum housing for optimal heat dissipation
  • Motor winding made of pure, double insulated copper wire
  • Precision ball bearings for smooth running and durability
  • Highly flexible silicone connection cable with soldered 4mm plugs
  • High-strength and polished 3.17mm rotor shaft made of steel

Technical specifications:

Item No .: R01230 R01231 R01232 R01233
Idle speed: 3000KV 3250KV 4000KV 4600KV
LiPo cells: 2s-3s 2s
Pole: 4
Shaft diameter / length: 3.17mm/15mm
Dimensions D / L: 35mm/52mm
Weight (including cable) 198g 204g 207g 200g
Application: 1/10 onroad, buggy, light SCT / truck / MT