3000kV HobbyWing Xerun V10 G2 13.5T Sensored Motor - HW30101107

КОД: 30101107

Цена: 98.49

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4925 т.

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The XERUN V10 G2 engine series is designed for competition and of course IFMAR, ROAR, JMRCA certified. Among other things, the small gap between the rotor and the winding ensures high engine performance and efficiency. The motor housing is made of anodized aluminum, the winding is double insulated. The timing is mechanically adjustable. The new V10 G2 series has up to 90% efficiency.


  • Designed for maximum performance
  • New motor housing with optimized cooling holes
  • Sensor or sensorless operation
  • Adjustable timing
  • High precision manufactured rotor
  • High temperature tolerance of the winding
  • Neodym Magnetmaterial
  • Special high speed ball bearings
  • Compliant with IFMAR, ROAR, BRCA and JMRCA rules

Technical specifications:

convolution 13.5T
Type Sensored
number of revolutions 3000KV
power 220W
Current / max power 59A
Number of cells LiPo 2-3s
Number of poles 2
Long 52.5mm
diameter 36.0mm
Shaft diameter 3.17mm
mass 172g
Timing adjustable 30-60°

1/10 Onroad Stock Class