13x25x6mm Rear Avid RC Ball Bearing

КОД: MR2513

Цена: 12.00

(с ДДС)
На склад
600 т.

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13x25x6mm Rear Avid RC Ball Bearing.

Engines Used In:

  • Novarossi: N21BF
  • RB: S3, S5, S7, WS7


  • Diagnosing: If you hold the head of the engine with your hand and a rattle sound dissapears then you have a worn out rear bearing. The risks/issues of a bad rear bearing are not holding a tune, crank can get worn, and worst of all the bearing comes apart and eats your piston/sleeve.
  • Installation: The best way to install is to use a bearing puller/installer, OFNA makes a very affordable one. If you place the new bearing in the freezer for 15 minutes it will be easier to install.
  • Positioning: For proper lubrication, face the open side where you can see the balls to the rear of the motor (not the clutch side).