Kyosho Mini Inferno ST 09 Readyset (RTR, 27MHz)
  • Kyosho Mini Inferno ST 09 Readyset (RTR, 27MHz)

Kyosho Mini Inferno ST 09 Readyset (RTR, 27MHz)

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7-time 1/8 World Championship winning INFERNO racing technology unites with Italian Star Motor’s world-famous SIRIO racing engine in a high-performance racing truck like you’ve never seen before! Big off-road tires, wide tread and deep stroke suspension on the chassis are driven by the high-power engine to produce the ultimate in truck racing performance. From paved roads to dirt, mud and jumps, this machine maintains rock-solid stability as it keeps powering through. And its Half-8 size means a place to run it is never hard to find. The pre-assembled Readyset package means you don’t need experience, just fuel and batteries to send the dirt flying!

  • World Champion INFERNO has been condensed into a Half-8 size stadium truck with the same center-shaft driven chassis design.
  • Mounted with high-performance Italian made SIRIO 09 (1.5cc) engine with true racing rear exhaust and slide carburetor.
  • Wide tread specifications include long span suspension arms, special dogbones and shock stays.
  • Deep stroke suspension produces excellent performance on the roughest roads.
  • Features reinforced metal gears (excluding spur gear). The 4 bevel diff gears are tough and produce high-efficiency performance as well.
  • Both servos included are reinforced with metal gears and deliver high-torque.
  • Includes Half-8 starter box. Simply mount chassis on starter box to start the engine.
  • Equipped with 6V-500mAh Nickel Metal Hydride battery to power receiver and servos.
  • Large diameter rubber tires include inner foam support and are pre-fitted to the specially designed wheels.
  • High-performance oil shocks fitted on all four wheels.
  • Full bearing specifications include 18 ball bearings.
  • Various components including the strengthened main chassis plate have been reinforced to handle the power of the SIRIO engine.
  • Stable and responsive control is promised by the included PERFEX KT-3 R/C system.
  • 38cc fuel tank features catch and drain for fuel overflow. Provides about 7-minute run times.
  • Setting parts provide a multitude of options for extracting the most speed and performance.
  • Compatible with many optional parts for the electric version Mini-Inferno ST.
  • Two body color schemes to choose from: Fire Flare and S-Stripe.

ReadySet Contents:

  • Pre-assembled chassis complete with pre-set R/C linkages
  • Pre-cut, pre-painted body finished with stickers applied
  • Pre-installed PERFEX KT-3 R/C system
  • 6V-500mAh Ni-MH battery for receiver and servos
  • Starter box
  • Special glow plug (spare plug included)
  • Engine starting tools (plug heater, fuel pump, cross wrench)
  • Setting parts

Required for Operation:

  •  AA-size x 8 batteries for transmitter
  •  D-size x 2 batteries for plug heater
  •  7.2V battery pack for starter box
  •  Battery charger
  •  Fuel
Chassis Technical Data:
Length 290mm
Width 215mm
Height 100mm
Ground Clearance 15~25mm
Wheelbase 192mm
Tread (F/R) 175mm
Tire(F/R) Φ74(D)×36(W)mm
Gear Ratio 8.3:1
Weight 1,050g (approx.)
Engine SIRIO 09 (1.5cc)