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Hobby King HKSS Programming Card for 150A ESC
  • Hobby King HKSS Programming Card for 150A ESC
  • Hobby King HKSS Programming Card for 150A ESC

Hobby King HKSS Programming Card for 60/80/100/120/150A ESC

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The Hobby King HKSS programming card is intended to be used for programming the 150A Hobby King Sensored/Sensorless ESCs (also compatible with the 60A, 80A, 100A and 120A versions of that ESC). It is an affordable solution that can make your life easier by allowing you to quickly change the settings of the 80/120/150A HK Sensored/Sensorless ESCs to handle the way you want them to in a specific driving conditions. Good to have one of these HKSS ESC programming cards handy in your bag of tools.
Programming features:
- Battery type (LiPo or NiCd/NiMh)
- Low voltage cutoff setting
- Running mode
- Motor Timing settings (to enhance ESC efficiency and smoothness)
- Soft acceleration start ups  
- Reverse throttle limit
- Throttle limit
- Braking percent
- Percent drag and brake
- ESC operating frequency
- Factory default setup restore
Factory default settings:
- Forward with pause then Reverse
- Battery type Detect: LiPo with Automatic Cell
- Low voltage cutoff threshold: Medium (3.0V/65%)
- Motor Timing:  Normal  
- Soft Acceleration Start Up: Medium
- Reverse throttle limit: Medium  
- Throttle limit: Low
- Braking percent: Medium   
- Percent drag and brake: Low
- Neutral deadband: 4%
- ESC operating frequency: 8kHz