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5120kV HobbyWing Xerun V10 G5 6.5T Sensored Motor - HW30401109

КОД: HW30401109

Цена: 89.00

(с ДДС)
На склад
4450 т.

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The V10 G3 engines are designed from scratch and optimized for competitive use. The right engine, from stock to modified, always in the right performance class. All motors with sensors.


  • New design for optimal performance
  • First-class, linear power delivery
  • Weight and cooling optimized housing
  • Ball bearings optimized according to load distribution
  • Fine adjustable mechanical timing
  • Easy to dismantle for maintenance

All together results in an engine that plays at the highest level in terms of performance, durability and perfect performance.

Type:  Brushless / sensor
Pole:  2nd
Rotational speed:  5120KV
Number of LiPo cells:  2s
Max power:  402W
Ampere max .:  113A
Outer diameter:  35.9mm
Length:  51.2mm
Shaft diameter:  3.17mm
Wavelength:  13.3mm
Weight:  164g
Timing adjustable:  20 ° -50 °
Commitment:  1/10 Modified 4WD Off-Road