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1/10 3Racing Sakura XI Sport Touring Car (Kit Version)


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Following the success of the Sakura Zero Sport as an entry level racing chassis, 3 Racing have now updated and improved on this platform with the all new Sakura XI Sport featuring a contemporary design concept filtered down from years of data obtained racing the Sakura Zero, Sakura S, Sakura XI DH and the new Sakura Ultimate.

Racers or hobbyist alike will be impressed with the features of the Sakura XI Sport from its full range of adjustable settings for race conditions to designs aim at the simplicity of operation and maintenance.

XI Sport Features:

  • Center Front Body Support
  • Fully ball raced
  • Long Stroke Shocks with Threaded Shock Body
  • Improved Material
  • Improved Mold Design
  • Chassis Mounted Composite Motor Cooling Fan for 40 and 30mm Fans
  • Front Belt Stabilizer
  • Premium Grade Anodized Low CG 7075 Alum Motor Mount
  • Universal Driveshafts all round
  • Composite Bulkhead Diff Covers with Torsion Strut
  • 3 Racing’s Factory Racing Products Spec Updated Gear Differential
  • Race Spec Composite Front Spool with Replaceable Drive Cups from the all new soon to be released Sakura Ultimate
  • New Composite Adjustable Battery Mounts with Precision Positioning Systemfrom the Sakura Ultimate
  • Composite Upper Bumper Mount
  • Newly designed Ball Caps
  • New Dual Bell Crank Steering System sharing the same geometry as the Sakura Ultimate counterpart
  • FRP 2.5mm narrow design Lower chassis, 2.0mm Upper Chassis and 3.5mm Shock Towers
  • New Suspension geometry using the same newly developed components from the Sakura Ultimate
  • Ultra Fit Composite Servo Horn
  • Race Spec Drive Belts
  • Two Piece Composite Rear Forward A Arm Pivot Pin Mounts for maximum rear chassis flex


Required For Operation:

  • 1/10 scale car body
  • 540 size brushed or brushless motor
  • Brushed or brushless ESC depending on the motor used (sensored recommended for brushless setups)
  • Suitable NiMH or LiPo battery and charger for it
  • Good transmitter and receiver to allow fast response for better handling
  • Fast standard size steering servo